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Q studio is a communications agency which provides its clients with a complete solution for their marketing communications. Thanks to many years of experience and above-standard relationships with clients, we are able to implement truly effective projects. If you are looking for a partner who will create a communication campaign and style, from idea to deployment in the media, you have just found one.

We pride ourselves on building trust and mutual satisfaction. We take each completed project to be not only your advertising campaign, but also as our reference. The inception point for our work is an understanding of the brand, product, their strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities. On this basis, we create a strategy and then the creative design solution. Since we want to have everything under control and to be able to respond flexibly to our clients´ requirements, we produce the contract "in-house". We use a fully-equipped, large-capacity, professional photographic studio for these purposes.

"A Granary dating from the nineteenth century was sensitively transformed - instead of corn, clients can find here a modern communications agency with a large-capacity photographic studio. The building is an example of the transformation of a historic building into a space for creative communications and inventive advertising." MF DNES

The Corporate Building Q studio

The Corporate Building - rear view

Foundation-stone from 1862

The Graphics Studio

The Photo-atelier