Photo studio


Rarely in our region, you would find a studio the size of a basketball court (about 300 square meters). Thanks to this, we are able to photograph everything from ants to mammoths in the highest quality.



Our photo studio is also unique in its equipment and is one of the best in the Czech Republic. We have a huge park of lights, flashes, Hansel softboxes at our disposal, for illuminating any scene - from small jewelery to illuminating the scenery of the entire room. We have studio and outdoor equipment for the unit. A machine for artificial fog, wind and securing a make-up artist.


We have a choice of many cameras and a large range of lenses.

At the top are the professional medium-format Leaf digital walls mounted on Mamiya or Sinar P cameras. All this is complemented by a professional Nikon D850 SLR camera.



A quality photo is not only made by the perfect space and first-class equipment, but above all by the person who operates the technology. The viewfinder of our cameras is backed by a person from the most professional - professional photographer František Chrástek.

VIP Personalities

Our athletes and VIP Personalities strive to raise the profile of the Czech Republic abroad. Our studio, in turn, works to raise the profile and build the prestige of your brands and products. Here are familiar faces with whom we were honored to work together in creating communication campaigns.