"The nineteenth-century granary has changed. Instead of grain, today clients will find a modern communication agency with a large photo studio. The Q studio building is an example of the transformation of a historic building into a space for creative communication and inventive advertising.



Q studio 


Inspiring space for art and advertising since 2010.

The utility value of this building never disappeared, it just transformed into another product. After the turbulent times of the previous regime, the building with a new millennium received a new use. Instead of quality grain, good ideas and creativity in the form of communication campaigns leave this building.

Foundation of the building

Albrecht Vincenc Count of Kounice (1829 - 1897)

he was a Czech nobleman and politician. After the extinction of the Moravian ancestral branch, he merged and managed extensive property in northern Bohemia and southern Moravia. He inherited a love of art from his parents and tried to apply himself as an amateur painter. He is also famous as a patron of the arts. For some time he lived permanently in Slavkov and devoted himself to the administration of South Moravian estates, in 1862 he had a new granary built in Uherský Brod.

The original foundation stone from 1862

"Built in 1862 by Albrecht Graf von Kaunic."

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The First Republic and the Past Regime

The granary served its original purpose for a hundred years. The Kounic family owned it until 1924, when it was taken away from them by land reform. During the collectivization of agriculture in the 1950s, the granary was nationalized. Until the end of the communist era, it then served as a storehouse of various materials and fell into disrepair. After 1989, it was recovered in restitution by the descendants of peasants together with the Czechomalt malt houses.

Rescue and reconstruction of the building

The modern history of Kounic's granary began to be written only in the new millennium. In 2001, it was bought from restituents by Q studio. The first stage of costly reconstruction began. There were more and more interventions in the original project from 2001, so František Chrástek invited the architect David Prudík to help him and he proposed a new concept. The next phase started in September 2009 with the support of the European Regional Development Fund. The final form of the building was given in June 2010.


Awards - Construction of the Year 2010

The reconstructed granary from 1862, which now serves as the headquarters of the Q studio advertising agency, won a special award in the Construction of the Year 2010 competition of the Zlín Region.